Upcoming Events
ICR1 - Intuitive Card Reading Workshop 1: Single Card Readings
Sat, Aug 22
Online event
Aug 22, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Online event
Learn to confidently use cards as a tool to help access intuitive guidance. Includes 2 hour workshop PLUS a short feedback session the following day. (Small group.)
ICR Monthly Practice Circle
Monthly - Dates & Time to be confirmed
Online group
Monthly - Dates & Time to be confirmed
Online group
Learn to trust your intuition by practicing your card-reading skills in a safe & friendly environment.
ICR2 - Intuitive Card Reading Workshop 2: Two Card Spreads
September - details to be confirmed
Online event
September - details to be confirmed
Online event
The second in the ICR Workshop series. Recapping one-card reading skills and introducing basic two-card 'spreads'. Small interactive group.
Everyday Intuition - An Introduction
Coming soon!
Online event
Coming soon!
Online event
Learn to recognise the inner guidance that is available to you at all times!

Summer 2020 Event Details


A free online event held monthly on Mondays (lunchtime).

DATES: As listed above

TIME: 12:30 BST - 13:00 BST

ACCESS: Via Zoom, a link will be sent with your booking confirmation

TICKETS: Free, but booking in advance is necessary due to limited spaces. 

An opportunity to join together for 30-minutes of meditative rest. You will be invited to sit quietly and receive distance Reiki healing as a group, before offering your own healing thoughts and intentions for others.


Now ONLINE - join us wherever you are!

DATES: Thursday 17th September, Friday 16th October, Saturday 15th November, & Monday 14th December

TIME: 19:00 BST- 21:00 BST.

ACCESS: Via Zoom, details to be provided with booking confirmation.

TICKETS: £10 (Reduction available for those in need)


- Welcome, setting an intention for the evening and opening sacred space.

- A discussion, presentation, activity, and/or meditation on the theme for the month. 

- Group conversation around the theme, and anything else participants would like to share with the group. 

- Looking forward to the month ahead, and setting personal intentions.  

- Closing the circle.


In her book Light is the New Black, Rebecca Campbell expresses it perfectly: "From ancient caves to coffee shops, moonlit dancing to WhatsApp group texts, stone circles to workshops. For longer than any of us can fathom, women have been tapping into the mystical power that is activated when women circle. It doesn't matter what our age, life experience, shape or size, when three or more women come together with a common sacred intention, you can be sure that something magic is about to happen.

Sharing stories, holding space, and a passing down of wisdom, there is nothing more healing than being in a group of honest sisters that truly see and accept you. In a period of history where we live more separately than ever, the ritual of coming together is one we must not underestimate."

Because we meet on the New Moon, the day changes from month to month. Please check the Upcoming Events section (above) for details and to book your place.

After joining us for the Women's Circle, you will be welcome to join the IHUK Community group on Facebook where you will be able to connect with other attendees. Please be sure to answer the questions when applying for membership.

(Prior to the Covid-19 physical distancing requirements, the Circle was held at  The Chapel, Lakers Meadow, Billingshurst, RH14 9QS. It is unclear when we will return to this venue.)


Interactive practical workshops to help you develop and trust your intuition

DATES: Please see above listings. 

TIME: Varied, please check when booking individual sessions

ACCESS: Via Zoom, details to be provided with booking confirmation

TICKETS: Prices vary, please see individual listings for details

"I had been studying Tarot for a few years when I took a selection of oracle cards to an 'intuition' exercise at the Women's Circle. Everyone was invited to think of a question so the person sitting next to them could select a card and answer them using their intuition. Most of the participants had NEVER touched an oracle card before, so I was as astounded as they were by the messages they shared. There were gasps, nervous laughs, and even some tears! 

Since then I've repeated similar exercises with friends and always had the same kind of response. They are often amazed at the things they come out with, from 'nowhere'. The seeds were sown by these experiences, and after various requests, I started to write these workshops during 'lockdown'. They are intended to be informal and interactive - a safe place to practice listening to and trusting your intuition."  - Sarah Knight (aka 'The Curious Cardslinger'), IHUK Workshop Facilitator


Although it is mostly known as a divination tool, card reading can also be a wonderful way to help access your inner knowing/intuition and to consider things you may not be (consciously) aware of.

A course of practical 'Intuitive Card Reading' (ICR) workshops has been designed to help you feel confident in using any deck of pictorial cards to gain personal guidance and insight, without reading/referring to books or learning lists of 'standard meanings'. The primary aim of the ICR series is to help you feel confident in accessing guidance at any time and in trusting your intuition. 

The workshops have been specifically designed for anyone who would like to:

  • Learn to develop and trust your own intuition to receive personal guidance

  • Interpret cards for different situations or questions you may have  

  • Confidently interpret any pictorial Oracle deck (inc. Tarot)

  • Gain deeper insight through journalling or meditating with the cards

  • Use your existing knowledge as part of your personal frame of reference

You do not need any previous card-reading experience. If you do have some, you will be able to incorporate it into your readings, but you will be encouraged to look beyond what you already know and use the imagery and your senses first. 

Each workshop will be held via Zoom and include:

DAY 1: Group workshop, with an exercise to complete yourself overnight, and 

DAY 2: Group feedback session, so you can share your experience of the exercise. 

The amount of time you spend on the overnight exercise is up to you, but you should allow at least an hour. 

Please note that these are sequential workshops. Workshop 1 is a pre-requisite for workshop 2 etc. You will need your own deck of Oracle (or Tarot) cards, a notebook and pen, and internet access, to connect via Zoom. The number of places is limited to ensure each person can actively participate. 

As a student of these workshops, you will be welcome to join the IHUK Community group on Facebook where you will be able to connect with other students. 

*NEW* A Monthly Practice Circle is being organised for those who have attended any of the ICR workshops, and will begin during the summer. Register your interest here.



ACCESS: Via Zoom, details to be provided with booking confirmation

TICKETS: £25 per person


This workshop is for anyone who would like to explore her relationship with her own menarche and menstruation, either with a view to healing (negative or disempowering connotations/emotions) or to feeling more empowered about working with her natural cycles. All women who feel called to this workshop are welcome, regardless of age/stage of life.


What was your experience of the transition from childhood to becoming a young woman? Did you feel honoured and supported as your body changed? What was your experience around starting your period, and how did that make you feel?

In various cultures throughout the ages, the onset of menstruation was celebrated and honoured. It was seen as a sacred rite of passage and celebrated accordingly. But for most modern western women our own experience was nothing like that. Periods can often be seen as something to be embarrassed about or to hide. If your first period came early, you may have felt afraid, ashamed, or different from everyone else. If it came later than your friends', you may have felt left-behind or afraid there was something wrong with your body. 

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to consider your own early experiences, and how they may still impact your experience of being a woman. You will also be invited to release any negative connotations you may be carrying (whether or not you are conscious of them) and to re-imagine a way of honouring your cycles - whether or not you still experience a monthly bleed. 

The workshop will include self-reflection through journaling, group discussion, and guided visualisation and the opportunity to learn about the moon and menstrual cycles and how to effectively work with them. You will also have the opportunity to receive the 'Rite of The Womb' which you can then pass on to other women.

Following this workshop, you will be invited to join the IHUK Community group on Facebook to continue the conversation and share your experiences. 


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