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IHUK is run by Sarah Knight, a student of A Course in Miracles, certified ACIM Study Group Leader, and qualified healing practitioner.


Sarah is a committed student of A Course in Miracles (ACIM), which she has formally studied with the Circle of Atonement since 2018 and is a Certified ACIM Study Group LeaderSarah came to A Course in Miracles while working as a fullly-qualified healing practitioner (offering Reiki and Seichem) and quickly realised that the healing described in the Course should be her focus. She has been studying ACIM since that time. She also holds a (Complementary Medical Association certified) Spiritual Coaching Diploma. 


Sarah says "For many years I'd been feeling as though something wasn't quite right. Something was missing but I didn't know what it was. I often felt overwhelmed and exhausted. I relied on painkillers, caffeine, and (too much) food and wine to help block it out. But this also affected my connection with others and my inner self. Despite having "a great life" with a loving family, I felt adrift and dissatisfied. A series of unexpected (intuitive/psychic) experiences prompted me to reconnect to inner guidance in various different ways. Studying and practicing Reiki accelerated this - the experiences I had while meditating, self-healing, and working with clients didn't make sense according to the regular rules of this world, but they were very real experiences which were often shared with others. I knew beyond any doubt that there was more to life than I could see with my body's eyes because I was experiencing it every day and the experiences were often shared with others.  


When I started seriously studying A Course in Miracles, things began to fall into place and my experiences suddenly made sense. Above all, I realised that - despite everything I'd heard to the contrary - my spiritual path wasn't just about me, but my interactions and relationships. Helping people, either one-to-one or in a group setting, is a way of extending love and healing, or as the Course would call it, miracle-working."


It is't necessary to have any particular set of beliefs to benefit from IHUK offerings. On the subject of her own beliefs, Sarah says "I believe that we are all inherently connected and have the innate capacity to heal ourselves and others. We can do this through forgiveness, the extension of love, and recognising that we are not separate, even though our bodies make it seem that way.  I do not have any religious affiliations and follow the spiritual path of ACIM, with a personal connection to God. I work with people with various belief systems and some with none at all. All are equally welcome."


Sarah lives near Horsham in West Sussex (UK) with her husband and children. She is a part-time contractor for the Circle of Atonement, a non-profit organisation dedicated to teaching A Course in Miracles since 1993, and is project manager for the free ACIM CE App. She is a volunteer with the Circle's Prayer Ministry, and loves walking the dog, and camping (in an old campervan). 

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