When it comes to healing, intention is everything.

Intentional Healing UK is committed to helping you improve your sense of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Specialising in Reiki & Seichem energy healing, a wide range of other services, workshops and events are also on offer, each with a focus on supporting your overall experience of health and wellness.


Distance Reiki Treatments

Reiki is available wherever you are in the world. All sessions include detailed consultation and feedback.

Events & Workshops

Online events and workshops including the popular monthly Women's Circle and fortnightly Group Healing & Meditation sessions, held via Zoom.

Tarot Conversations

'Tarot Conversations' can help you to consider things from a new perspective, and to listen to your feelings (and inner knowing) to discern the best way forward in any particular situation. Various options are available.

Gift Vouchers

Vouchers are available for any value and may be used as part- or whole-payment for any treatment. Vouchers for £100 or less are valid for 3 months from the date of issue. For vouchers over £100, the period will be extended.

Personalised electronic (PDF) vouchers are included in the price. Physical vouchers may be collected within 24 hours or can be shipped within 48 hours, for a £2 surcharge.

Blog & Podcast

Written posts and accompanying podcast episodes include tips, exercises, and guidance on various aspects of intentional living, wellbeing and healing. Free to read or listen to at any time.


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