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Terms of Service

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We will never sell or share any of the data you provide. If you submit your personal contact details, or accept cookies on this site, they are only used for the provision of our services or for contacting you about those services. 

Not a replacement for medical treatment or other professional services

Our services can be safely used alongside traditional (allopathic) medicine, and should not be used as a replacement for proper medical diagnosis or treatment. You are advised to see a GP or other medical professional in the case of medical issues or concerns.

Results cannot be guaranteed

Clients request healing for a number of different reasons, and this will be discussed during your consultation. While a Practitioner can focus on particular areas and can work with intention the results of a treatment can neither be predicted or guaranteed.

Right of refusal to treat

Intentional Healing UK reserves the right to refuse treatment where it would be inappropriate, this includes: 

  • if the client is under the influence of alcohol or mind-altering substances;

  • if the client is intimidating or offensive in any way; 

  • if the client behaves in any way which may lead the Practitioner to feel unsafe, or abused;

  • in the case of late attendance of the client, where discretion will be exercised. 

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