Using Reiki to 'Tune In'

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It's commonly known that Reiki is likely to help you relax, sleep better, have an increased sense of well-being, etc. However working with the energy on an ongoing basis, I've also experienced a number of unexpected changes. Before I go on to tell you about them, it might be helpful to explain more about the way Reiki works. Learning to work with this (Universal Life-force) energy, includes both formal teaching - what to do during a treatment, where to put your hands, etc - and also what's called an 'attunement'. The easiest way to explain this is to liken it to a radio being tuned in. As you know, to listen to a particular radio station you need to dial into the correct frequency or channel, using an appropriate receiver. Reiki works in pretty much the same way.

Just like radio waves, the energy is always there but if you're not attuned to it you can't hear what's being broadcast. Since being attuned, and treating myself with Reiki every day, I have indeed become so much more 'tuned in' to others and to myself. It's become much easier to feel and understand the feedback signals that I'm getting. On a personal level I have become acutely aware of what feels good or right for me. And what doesn't. As you might imagine, this is having a significant impact on my life and is one of the reasons I encourage people to listen to their bodies (with or without the aid of Reiki) in my regular posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Here are a few examples of what's happened as a result. I find that I complain about / criticise things much less than before, both verbally and mentally, which is not to say that I don't do it at all - I'm human, after all - but it really doesn't feel good so it doesn't last very long. I am much more selective about what I watch on TV, what I read and focus my attention on. I spend more time outdoors, have decluttered my surroundings, and eat more fresh food because of the way it makes me feel. I've removed flesh, caffeine, and alcohol from my diet for the same reason. The side-effect of this has been shedding a few dress sizes, and my skin is much clearer. I no longer use painkillers before getting out of bed, which I had been taking for some time due to backache - in fact, I haven't needed them at all. After 30+ years of suffering with Perennial Rhinitis, I stopped my daily antihistamine because it was making me feel queasy and uncomfortable. I was amazed when the previous symptoms didn't return*. My house is slowly filling up with plants and flowers which make me feel very happy! Overall, I can't think of a time when I felt better. Friends say I seem so much happier, and have noticed that I no longer react to things which would have 'triggered' me before. ​Of course, these examples are all my own, but I'm not the only person benefiting from my attunement. To one extent or another, it affects everyone I am in contact with, but particularly my family (who I also treat with Reiki) and my clients. ​

As clients receive regular treatments, I am able to help them to identify things too, and this changes from session to session. With each treatment, Reiki energy guides me to different areas on the physical level, which are linked with non-physical things such as stress, tension, emotional issues, and also positive things that have raised their energetic 'frequency'. In the case of one client, I regularly pick up wh