Tarot Conversations & Readings

Card reading can be an interesting and effective way to help you gain clarity and guidance on the situations in your life, while also inviting you to tap into your own inherent wisdom. Sarah uses a selection of Tarot and Oracle card decks and combines in-depth knowledge of the cards and their meanings with intuitive interpretations based on the questions asked. 

Tarot conversations are exactly as they sound  - a two-way discussion. Sarah's focus is always on healing (body, mind and soul) and empowering you to make your own decisions. During these readings, you are encouraged to consider things from different perspectives - and to listen to your own inner knowing about a particular issue or situation. Please feel free to take notes.

Written readings are also available. These are based on any information provided and the cards drawn in your absence. 

PLEASE NOTE: Readings are provided in good faith for spiritual and inspirational purposes only. You remain solely responsible for your own life choices, actions, and decisions. If you need legal, medical, financial, psychological, or other professional advice please seek a qualified professional. Readings are offered to over-18s only.

Tarot Conversation

(Your Choice of Topic)

Via Zoom (up to 1 hour) for £40

Something on your mind? Feeling 'stuck'? Want to consider some different perspectives on a particular issue or situation? Talking things through using cards can help unlock things you may not be consciously aware of, and clarify things you do know about. 

You will have the chance to consider what your own inner guidance is telling you as well as additional interpretations based on Sarah's in-depth knowledge of the cards.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and to make an appointment.

Sharing Your Gifts

(Tarot Conversation)

A private Zoom session (up 90-mins) for £50

Do you feel called to express your creativity and gifts but are not sure where to start? Or perhaps you are not even clear on what your gifts ARE and would like the opportunity to work it out in a supportive and non-judgmental setting. 

This special offering is designed to help you recognise your gifts, any guidance that is already available to you and to help you identify what might be preventing you from expressing yourself in the most authentic and aligned way.

Please note: You will receive a detailed PDF workbook to complete in advance of the session, which will take at least 1 hour. During the session, you'll have the chance to review and clarify your answers and to establish your next steps. 

Please get in touch to make an appointment.

Written Reading

(Based on a specific topic or 'spread')

Full colour PDF sent to you via email for £40

If you are unable to have a conversation via Zoom, you can email specific questions on a theme or issue, or use an existing 'spread' for a reading (approx 6 questions on a theme), and have the reading delivered to you as a PDF document.

Sarah has published a wide range of spreads as The Curious Cardslinger. They are often based around the cycles of the new and full moon, the wheel of the year, or specific situations/issues - click here to see a wide selection.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and confirm when you can expect your reading.



A selection of the original spreads which are available for email readings.
Please state the name of your chosen spread at the time of booking.

H e a l / t h y  Self

It is no conincidence that Healthy Self and Heal Thyself contain the same letters - the things we need to heal are already within! This spread has been designed to help you evaluate the aspects of your life that are supporting or hindering your health and wellbeing, and what you need to attract or release in order to heal.

This Way, That Way

Wondering what you should do or shouldn't do? This original reading comprises six different questions for your guides and will help you to understand what you could do to move forward in a way that is aligned with your goal or life-purpose.
This is a great option for any time you feel the need for extra support and guidance.  

The Love Reading

A love reading for any time of year which incorporates love and appreciation for yourself as well as others, and can be applied to all relationships.
Request this reading any time you would like insight on blocks to love and how to welcome more of it into your life.


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