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Everyday Intuition - An Introduction

Learn to recognise the inner guidance that is available to you at all times!
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Everyday Intuition - An Introduction

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How often have you ignored your 'gut feelings' and later regretted it? On the contrary, have you noticed that when you follow your inner voice, things seem to work out much more easily, and often seem to 'magically' fall into place? (Did you ever do something unusual and then accidentally meet the right person, find the perfect book, or stumble across exactly the thing you needed? Perhaps that's how you got to this page!)

The truth is that there's no magic involved - we are ALL inherently intuitive with a perfectly equipped 'Inner Guide' that is able to help and support us with all aspects of our lives - from major life-changing decisions, right down to the daily minutiae. It's always there and always communicating with us, but most people don't notice. And those who do, don't always pay attention!

This introductory workshop is designed to help you to notice and recognise the many ways that your intuition or Inner Guide is already showing up for you through things you see, hear, know, and sense or feel. 

With a combination of practical exercises and group discussion, you will learn: 

  • the way(s) that you most easily 'tap into' your own intuition already
  • how to ask for and recognise guidance whenever you need it, in the way that best suits you
  • how to further deepen your connection to your intuition so that you can learn to trust what it's saying!

You will need: Internet access (with a webcam) to join the Zoom classroom, pen and paper, and a willingness to participate and be open to the guidance that is already available to you. 

This brand new Zoom workshop will be offered at the introductory price of £33 per person. Please register your interest to be notified when tickets go on sale. 

Registration is Closed

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