Sarah completed Kyle Gray's Certified Angel Guide Training at the end of 2018.

Angel Guide Sessions follow the format taught by Kyle and can take up to 1.5 hours. 


At a time when increasing numbers are turning away from organised religion and embracing a more personal understanding of spirituality, it might seem surprising that angels are growing in popularity. However, angels are not tied to any particular culture, tradition or religion and actually pre-date most religions by thousands of years. While they may not always have the same name or appear to take on the same form, tales from all across the world and from the dawn of recorded history, tell of otherworldly beings of light here to guide and protect us. The Dead Sea Scrolls contain angelic wisdom, and ancient carvings and glyphs suggest that these energetic 'beings' have been guiding us since long before the Scrolls were written. 

It's widely believed that we each have our own guardian angel(s) and that other angels or angelic energies are available when we need specific help and support. For some, angels are a purely symbolic representation of unconditional love and compassion. Other people talk directly to their angels and ask for daily guidance in the way the Essenes are believed to have done, two millennia ago. Others call on angels only in times of trouble.

Angels are considered to bridge the gap between our earthly experience and the divine, and this is something with broad appeal. We are all able to access this support if we choose to do so. For this reason, regardless of your cultural heritage or belief system, an Angel Guide Session could help you.

Angel Guide sessions are a way of receiving positive guidance about any area(s) of your life, within a safe and loving space. During your session, which will last between 1 and 1.5 hours, you will have the opportunity to explore things you may already know in your heart, free from expectation or judgment, and to consider new perspectives that may not have already occurred to you. You are advised to bring (up to) three areas which would most benefit from guidance and to be open-minded about anything else you may receive - remember that what you want to hear is not always what you need to hear and that guidance may not make immediate or complete sense to you. You may find it helpful to write notes during the session, and you will be provided with additional information and tips (in advance) to help get the most from your experience.

1. CONNECTING WITH YOUR ANGELS - The session begins with a short guided visualisation to help receptivity to any messages from your angel(s) and guides. A safe space is created for you to explore these messages. 

2. ANGEL CARD READING - Angel/oracle cards are used to help receive insight on your chosen areas while staying open to any intuitive messages that want to come through. (Please note, the purpose of this session is support for your own healing and growth, and not prediction.)

3. ENERGY HEALING - Following your card reading, energy healing will be carried out with the intention of clearing any blocks that are holding you back in the area(s) discussed*. You will remain seated and fully clothed while light physical touch is applied to your head, shoulders, and feet.  

4. CORD CUTTING / CALLING BACK POWER - If appropriate, you will have the opportunity to cut any energetic ties with past situations, relationships or circumstances that no longer serve you. If you feel that you have lost your personal power in any past (or current) situations, you will be guided to call it back so that you leave the session feeling whole and supported.

5. CLOSING THE SESSION - The session is closed with a final guided meditation to offer thanks for any guidance or messages received, and to ensure you are left feeling grounded. 


A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking.

Detailed terms including cancellation policy can be found here. 

*Reiki treatments are also available (see details and prices here) and can be combined with your Angel Guide Session to give longer and more specific healing. Please get in touch to discuss this option.


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