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After Care

After any treatment - whether in-person or via Distance Healing - you will probably feel deeply relaxed and will need some time to come gently back to your normal state of awareness. You might feel a bit “floaty” or not quite "in your body", especially if you have been in a deep state of relaxation. If this is so, wait a few minutes before you get up. If you feel strange or disoriented after sitting/standing, be sure to mention it so a grounding exercise can be offered. Whether you are coming to the Reiki Room or having a remote session from the comfort of your home, please allow time to fully ‘wake up’ before rushing off to do anything else. Ideally, you will be able to go/stay home and relax for a while afterwards. 

Reiki continues to work on your body after the session has ended and you may experience some symptoms relating to detoxification and re-balancing of your energy. For this reason, it’s advisable to stay well-hydrated. Not everyone will experience these things, but some people may notice a few of the following temporary effects, as the body re-adjusts over the next 24 hours: 

  • Feeling emotional for no apparent reason - maybe tearful, elated, or somewhere between the two.

  • Feeling wonderful and having a burst of energy.

  • Feeling overtired and needing to rest.

  • Sleeping (heavily) for 8-12 hours during the night.

  • Tingling sensations throughout the body or in a specific area.

  • Needing to use the toilet more frequently (this may also be due to the recommended extra hydration)

  • Skin detox symptoms.

  • Snuffles or temporary cold or flu-like symptoms.

  • Headache, dizziness or nausea. (Hydration will help!)

If you DO experience any of these things, know that it is a positive sign that your body is bringing itself back into balance. It’s perfectly normal. If you do NOT have any of these symptoms, that is normal too - it doesn’t mean that it didn’t ‘work’ for you. Each body is different and will respond in a different way. Clients who have regular treatments often report that their body responds in a different way after each session. This is because the body’s needs also change. Post-Reiki symptoms do not normally last more than 24 hours, so if you are ill after that, it is not likely to be a result of the session and should be treated as a normal illness.

As your body will continue to detoxify, it is highly recommended that you help it by drinking plenty of water and avoiding toxins where possible. The following tips will help the healing process:

  • Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day.

  • Avoid toxins such as alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco for a few days. (If they cannot be completely avoided, try to minimise them.)

  • Try to eat light (easily digestible) meals of nutritious food while your body is using its energy for healing

  • Get plenty of rest and be gentle with yourself. You may not feel up to your usual exercise routine straight after treatment. Listen to your body.

  • If you meditate, practice yoga, or prayer, this is a good time to nurture your spiritual connection.

  • You may find that bathing with Epsom Salts will help reduce any detox symptoms.

  • Be aware of any changes to your feelings, mood, energy levels and anything that arises following your session. Reiki can bring underlying issues up for healing. Make a note of anything you notice and bring it to your next session, it may be that you can heal physical symptoms at this time by dealing with their mental, emotional or energetic causes. 

The effects of Reiki are accumulative and it is generally advisable to have regular treatments in order to initiate your healing process. Fortnightly or monthly sessions are generally adequate although some people with chronic, long-term, or serious conditions sometimes prefer to start weekly and review as they go along. 

You may experience significant change over a short period of time so that further treatments are unnecessary. However, if you have a long-standing condition it may take several sessions for you to notice a significant improvement, or you may experience a ‘healing crisis’ where more things come up for you, as you are healing. Your progress will be reviewed at each session to ensure that your treatment plan remains appropriate for your needs. 

If you have any questions or concerns following your session, please feel to call on 07970 976877.